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Lucky Duck

I was experiencing a lot of pain several weeks ago, not sure what it was and being a weekend, I couldn't book an appointment with my doctor.
At the urging of my husband I finally decided to go into emergency at our local hospital.
It was discovered that I had a kidney stone making it's way down the pipes causing the excrutiating pain.
While I was laying on the gurney in the emergency ward I looked around at all these white miserable faces around me....some in a lot of pain, some weeping, a lot of them elderly.
At that point while the pain killers were taking effect on me I began to realize how utterly for granted I had been taking my really lucky I actually am, how completely selfish of me to complain about anything. I also began to think of how I treat people, how I could remember other people being in pain, or telling me of their painful memories, and me just fluffing it off, or even being slightly annoyed.
I now realized how unfortunate those people were and how I should have been more understanding and helpful.
I guess it takes something like going into a hospital ward and seeing how so many people are so much worse off than you to make it really sink in.
Anyways, I'm okay now...all taken care of, and I know at some point I will most likely forget again how fortunate I am....but for the moment I'm determined to always try and help people and to be more understanding.
Thanks for reading.
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a very worthwhile posting. We all need this kind of reminder, especially those who are relatively unscathed by life. We need to understand its precious moments

Great story, glad you're better. Looks like this story was a while ago, are you still reminding yourself how rich your life is? While I have seen folks less fortunate than I and been thankful, I really find it easier to be thankful for everything I have in my life everyday. I have found that I am significantly less content when what I don't have becomes my focus regardless of what it is or how it might be attained. I knew a lady who was in hospice many years ago dying of cancer. She had fought it for many years but was the most joy filled and happy person I ever met. She has always been a great reminder for me to find joy continuosly.

great to hear that you are fine

Kidney stones make you really think about how fragile life is. Ive delivered many of those things over the years

Nice piece Sungirl.

Good thing you are doing ok now! I have moments like that sometimes.. random times when I realize how extremely lucky I am to not face any real problems in life. Thanks for sharing this.

from what I have read of your profile the lucky duck is your hubby!

I know this is an old story of yours but it is still a great post for us readers to enjoy....hope its still working out for you. ...I do know always stop by and ask me how I am doing...and that makes me smile snd feel good... :-)

As Allen Ginsberg said, sometimes it takes a glimpse of death to make you appreciate your life.

Don't be so hard on your self. I think we all get wake up calls now and then to how lucky we are or some times when we think we have it bad somebody else may have it worse.

Well said. It is so easy to take what we have for granted and not cherish what we have all the while trying to acquire even more. Thank you for sharing the wisdom.

I have had heart surgery but kidney stone was worse.. glad I stumbled on a story to remind me of that pain...laughs

Now that is very cool. Glad you're feeling better, physically and otherwise. Even if you do forget how fortunate you feel you are, you've at least thought a little more about it than most of us. Thank you for sharing.

Wonderful perspectives. Glad you are ok!

Sometimes you need go no further than the waiting room, to consider yourself lucky.
I'm glad your well now Sungirl.

I read a quote once. It said, "I complained about having no shoes until I saw a man with no feet". There's always someone worse off than us.

having ridden motorcycles over 50 years.. when i see someone in pain,, i think.. "and they didn't ask for that".. about all my aches, pains and busted bones from scooter wrecks and bar fights.. when i feel them.. i remember what i was doing when i earned that particular little sensation. i wasn't an innocent in incurring that pain.. and a lot of folks didn't ask for the things causing them the pain they endure.. it usually helps me work through the ongoing pain i have now. i did "ask for it".

I know. Keep the rubber on the road, bro.

That is exactly the same way I felt when I came out of a horrible severe depression.
Take care! glad you are fine.

had that moment too........listening as a doctor told someone in same ward they should consider stopping treatment............I thought I was at a low point...........little did I know

Moving experience. Thanks. Made me re-appreciate the goodness around me and my need to continue giving to others.

Im sorry you were in pain. That hurts so bad! Wow, interesting to read this post now after all you have been through. You are lucky to realize and respect the good things we have in our health and our life. You have a perspective a lot of us don't. You are truly a lucky duck! A beautiful one. Can I have you in the bath with me? LOLOL...I had to!

Excellent observation,and one that I too have made on occassion.I think it's natural to feel sorry for ourselves from time to time.You cutting your hand off is not made any less painful by someone next to you cutting off his whole arm.It is however,good to recognize that we are not alone in this world,and to acknowlege other peoples strife and accomplihments as well.It sounds like you were able to take a negative experience,and turn it around 360 degrees to face yourself and find something possitive,and that's a lesson to us all.Thank you for sahring,and opening,or reopening my eyes as well as many others I'm sure.

This is so true, we all take so much for granted every day.

So true. I have had several stones. I went to the hospital first time. Taken by ambulance from supermarket restroom the second time. Now I know what it is I just suffer through it till it passes. It's all about empathy. Feeling other peoples pain.

You seem to be caring and helpful for other your inner is more beautiful . I really appreciate your ideas and wish you will continue your such feeling for others. I think some time a little encouragement make the half pain off than to take the medicine. Also happy to hear that you are alright now. Ups and down are the part of life.

Be brave and you will be out of any fear.

Never take your or someone you love's life for granted. Live life to the fullest and take advantage of every opportunity.

oh I hear this . . . pain is also a very good teacher . . . if there wasn't anything bad in the world . . . how could we ever realize the good ? . . . excellent story . . . thank you for sharing . . . 8D

Sun, That is such an inspiring story! Sorry you had the pain, but it sounds like it was bearable and that you learned a lesson from it! Thanks for sharing.... :-)

I had that exact experience. I feel I've grown much closer to friends and family because of it. Thanks for sharing.

Or a visit to the M.D. Anderson cancer clinic to visit your girlfriend's mother who's days were numbered. People wandering the hallways attached to I.V. lines.....after seeing this I swore I would never complain about anything ever again.

In most hospitals, liver transplant candidates pray for rainy nights when most car accidents happen in the hopes of receiving a liver to replace their failing one. Most people haven't a clue as to how lucky they are. I tend to forget also whenever I have a pity party.