Change Of Diet

I'm thinking about becoming a Semi-Vegetarian again. I want to try and be as healthy as possible. I don't want to end up with horrible health issues when I get older, that could have been avoided if I had a healthier diet.
PenelopeParfait PenelopeParfait
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 18, 2012

I'm with you. Vegetables are healthyly delicious, either steamed or sauteed, I love it.

You should totally look into vegetarianism, not just for yourself, but for the animals who have their lives, their souls ripped from them, too. I have been a veg for quite awhile now. So if you need anything or have questions, you can feel free to ask me!! ^_^

Okay, cool. Thank you :)

Oh wait, I know i said you should ask me first, but I thought I'd throw this site out there. Can get you in the know about lots. Really good site!

Thanks, I'll check it out.