I Had A Long Imaginary Story Thought

There was a lost cat in the middle of a street hungry. He saw a Fat boy eating a burger and a Cat walk up to him purring and ask "Are you Gay?"
the Fat boy responds " This Meat is really Good!!!" so the Cat turns around and he poop out an NBA player slams dunk a Fat boy in public and walks away in peace. One Night the hungry Cat saw a beautiful Girl in a white dress dancing around in a rain and the Cat shout to her "Umpa Lumpa!!!!!" and walks away in peace.

The next day the Cat woke up during the morning and told the sky "YOUR NOT MY MOTHER!!!!" the Sun responded to the Hungry Cat "here kitty kitty!!!!!" some how the Hungry Cat felt the force as he was flying tours the Sun. While the Sun said to the Cat "Come here Kitty Kitty!!!!!!!" The hungry Cat keeps flying closer to the Sun until he stop right there and said to the Cat "WHOSE YOUR DADDY????!!!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!" The Cat saw someone coming out of the Sun and it was OMGSH its Dr.Phil!!!! Dr.Phil grabs the Cat and Strangles the Cat. Steps on the Cat. Punching the Cat. Strips Naked in front of the Cat and Kicking the Cat while the Clouds Cheering "Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry!!!!!!" and then Dr.Phil walks back to the Sun. That's when the Cat's Tiny little Nipples went to France and landed there.

One Day the Hungry Cat woke up from a brutal beating and walk over the bridge and ask a random stranger "Are you a Lesbian?" The random Stranger Responded "No, I work in Mcdonnalds" and the cat responded "Eww you make out with Trees?" and the Stranger responded again "No, I don't believe in Keebler tales" the Cat responded again "do you love pets more than butter?" and the Stranger responded "No, I love my wife" and the Cat responded "do you love kids more then your wife?" the Stranger Responded "No. I think I'm starting to like pets now"
So the Stranger Took the Hungry Cat Home with him.

this is where it started to get crazy out there

During the Night a Random Stranger and the Hungry Cat was watching TV. an Hour latter the TV changes by its own and the Hungry Cat stared at the screen as it turn white and it shows a prettiest looking girl like she just came from Heaven. The Hungry Cat asked the TV "Do you sale food?" The prettiest Girl respond "Maybe" The Hungry Cat steps closer to the TV screen and asked again "can I have an Angel cookie?" The prettiest Girl responded "Maybe!" The Cat was sucked inside the TV Screen and into the Different world of Nothing! But some how the little prettiest Girl left out of no where. so the Hungry wondered out of no where crying while laughing and farting until he heard a Voice calling him and said "Are you feeding my plants with Muster?" so the Cat ran fearing from the voise out of no where as he hears another Voice " I Humpty Dump a Girl upside down and I like it!" The Cat ran faster as he was paranoid and wondering where these voices coming from??? he hears another Voice "oh please don't poop your pants, I come in Peace!" So the Cat ran fast as he can crying. laughing and pooping everywhere until he stops and saw the little pretty Girl again. She was standing there as she raise her head up and said to the Hungry Cat "Ready to meet my Master?"

Heres the Crazy part!

The Hungry Cat saw a bright Door behind the little Girl. The Cat saw this weird looking person coming out of the spot light and OMGSH its Master Sid!!!!!. Master Sid looks different than every human beans on earth. He wears big puffy coloful pants and wears a white sleeve shirt with swirly black stripes and wears a half black mask and his face painted white with long spiky Orange Hair.

The Hungry Cat wondered and asked "WHO ARE U????" Master Sid responds "No, Who is this tiny little Nipple pooping Rainbows in my Kingdom?!" The Hungry Cat reacts and seem dumbful. The Cat ask Sid "no really who are you?????" Master Sid Responds "Fine! Very well then. I am Master Sid and I control everyone's thoughts whoever thinks randomly, I live in a Cow with bullet holes sparkly my chest in the faces of CHUCK NORRIS!!!!! I am your everlasting granny's chunky cookie on me poker face you little dingle donkey!!!! My twinkie belly button knows when you were born out of the Sky Which... is your Mother of cores and I will pimp you into a falling fruity pebbles in front of my Dazzling eyes of super Mega blaster 5000 Pleasure!!!!!! you will never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever escape from my 100 jingle Dalmatians!!!! beware of My creepers crawlers of poochies!!!! did you ever had a Baby burping out of a mother goosy chicken that Gobble Gobbles the baby's thumb???? Its Huffing my creamy feelings you know? No you don't know what I know as you know that I don't know but I do know That I don't know what you know and I know you don't know what I know what you know I know and you know that I know that I don't know what you know that you know!

The Hungry Cat's Head exploded. R.I.P Hungry Cat.

Thee end as for now.

Next Episode of "The Minds of Master Sid"

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Hahahahahahaha, Master Sid sounds awesome! I love your crazy stories.

Master Sid Is Awesome.

Does he make special appearances? He should take over EP, but please no Dr. Phil.

he does make every special appearances.

Early Episodes hes only stuck in his own kingdom for now. but The little is the one fishing for people's lives, use them as bait and as the fish takes his bite.

it would be cool if he comes to EP but maybe latter on.

I hope he leaves his kingdom =]

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how did you yawn without eating??

its an art

My little Pony

how did you know?! D:

A little boy told me

damn him!

so how many ponies you kept in the closet?

7- i wanted a whole tribe

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Gobble Gobble!!!

LMAO this was more than random