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I think our cracks keep us humble...reminders that we are fragile, yet still resilient and beautiful...flaws, cracks, and all :) Great post...thanks for sharing.

In other words, being broken is something to brag about? :)

Not to brag about... but to value. Life experiences, even - and maybe especially - painful ones, may make you grow in wisdom and compassion. You know what suffering feels like, so you let the light of compassion shine through when someone else suffers. You know you're not perfect, so you let the light of understanding come through when you see others stumble. You know you can't always manage on your own, so you let the light of humility shine through. You've learned through suffering, so wisdom shines through... Or you're just a crakpot and you let the light of joyous insanity shine through.

And here I though I was the philosopher. :). Wow Kit. This is wonderful. Great insight.

lol thanks. As a crackpot, I know what I'm talking about... ;)

Takes one to know one. I'm glad I know you. :)

Same here!

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