Just A Peek Into My Head

A random mind in these random times. A whisper of wind on a scorching day.  Look, riding the wind!  A 20$ bill! Now I'm rich, and I will buy all of the ice creams when the popsicle man comes tooting around the corner. I am jealous of this 20$; it rode the wind!  That'd be the wya to travel, wouldn't it?  On the wind, free as ****, not a care in the world.  Okay, so maybe riding the wind wouldn't necessarily free one from one's cares, but one has to admitthat one would have an freaking epic time if one were riding the wind, especially if one were riding the winds coming off that hurricane in Nova Scotia.  Like that kid in that movie, the one with the red shoes and the can man.  Dorothy.  Like that kid in my class with the sparkly shoes.  She grates her feet together and spreads pixie dust all over the place.  Makes a mess is all I can see.  A big old clusterfuck of sparkly madness.  Sounds like a unicorm ****.  Someone recently told me that an **** is actually when three or more people in one room have their socks off at the same time.  In that case, me and my family are always having orgys.  I think she was freaking drunk.  Speaking of drunk, why do people always think I'm wasted?  I must be a natural nut, because I've never actually been drunk in my life.  Caught a pretty little buzz a few times, now that was fun.  I'm a happy drinker.  You're a fucky squirrel, just saying, you rat bastard.  Fucky squirrely rat bastard.  Hairy, too.  Watch for them pilonidals.  Because of mine I have an ***-tongue.  Trippy.  I bet that'll be a hit.  If I were an elephant, would you be my tuba?  That'd be swell.
fadingvioletdawn fadingvioletdawn
18-21, F
Sep 18, 2012