Spaghetti Cupcakes, A Movie, And A Little Shopping

My sister's husband doesn't celebrate birthdays or other holidays, so my niece doesn't have a birthday party each year. She's still very young, so she hasn't noticed that her life is a little different yet, and that's okay. I, however, do celebrate birthdays. Add in that the poor kid is having to deal with jealousy and whatnot since my sister frequently is watching her 4 month old nephew, and Emma deserved some special one on one time. So, we went out yesterday for her birthday.

First, we went to have lunch at the Italian restaurant that I work at part time. She absolutely loves the place, and if we are anywhere near it while driving, will loudly ask from the backseat if we're going to see Nicky and get some bread. I had mentioned that I was going to bring her by, and since her birthday is the same day as the owner's wife, they decided to make her something special. Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes. They were so dang cute...and delicious!

If you're curious how one makes such a snazzy treat, they are vanilla cupcakes topped with icing piped through a hair nozzle, some strawberry jam for the sauce, and a little bonbon for the meatball. Super delish, really.

Then we went to see what has become her favorite movie, Finding Nemo in 3D. Although I normally don't splurge at the concession stand, it was a special day, so I got her one of the kid packs. The box had 3D pictures on it from the movie, and the cup was one that could be reused and had a little Nemo toy perched on top. For a two-year old, the kid can actually sit through a whole movie, and she ate all the popcorn with glee.

Yeah, she puts the glasses on upside down, but I figure she'll get it right eventually.

After the movie, it was a quick trip to the store where she picked out some clothes, a couple of books, and a new doll. She also picked out a pair of shoes for me. The kid's got serious style, probably because she likes to watch Project Runway with her favorite aunt, lol.
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

What a great Auntie you are........just shows when the time comes you'll make a great mommy as well.

She's such a cutie too.

Thanks! I'm currently plotting Halloween far, they've been delicious.

I also grew up not celebrating birthdays. It was weird for me, too. Because my sister and brother did. My dad did not, so I did not. It was stupid, no matter what the religion, a child should always feel and believe that their arrival was happy and blessed. You rock for doing this for her.

Agreed. We didn't really do gifts in my family, but we always did something special. Whether it was a special dish being made or getting to go to an event of the birthday kid's choice, it was something to celebrate. I wanna try to stick more with doing special events than focusing on gifts, but there's always gotta be something special going on with Tia :).