Wild Afternoon Musings..

We were both standing by my workplace desk, chatting about work..he casually bent down to retrieve something out of my desk drawer.
I'm sure he was clueless to the fact that having him this close...bending down, dangerously close to my...navel, sent my brain cells into a tailspin.
In the 30 seconds it took him to retrieve what he needed out of the drawer, in my head we had a wild hot love affair.
I'm sure he was also wondering why I was wiping my brow as he left my office. lmao
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32 Responses Nov 7, 2012

mmmm very hot

Well written.

Mmmm would luv to do that too !!!! and I would be getting heated as u tease me with a close-up view of those delicious hot leg's an short skirt !!! , can tease more if u like, ncdave28570@yahoo.com

Context is everything! He was thinking "damn, where did I leave that hole punch"... You were thinking the same!
He'll never know. 😁

Haha what a fun moment.. maybe he had a similar thought going through his head

damn, your fun girl. sorry it was 2012

Hmmmm...the old "grab something out of hot co-workers desk drawer move"...nice! And it worked (LOL).

Was THAT you?

This just seems to happen to me *all* the time (snatches of dreams in an instant like you describe here)...

I have these little flights in meetings all the time. I suspect many bored guys do, too.

I think guys think along these lines every time we meet women for the first time and thereafter if she is hot enough ;-)

This is the bestest, shortest, sexiest story I've read at EP. When I was younger I often pursued those fantasies... they never worked out, reality set in and I'm sure you know the rest of those stories. However, I still enjoy a great fantasy now and them...I've just learned not to try to make them reality ... the fantasy is always better.

Not so random maybe :P

Wow, hot love story, erotic, well told. Captures that moment so well.
You navel would probably put me into spasm of revery no matter where we were.

Welcome, beautiful. Some of your vignettes are wonderfully vivid. That one sure 'nuf gets me.

Little did he know of the storm he was creating in you! This has happened to me!

*LOL* I love this story...shows just how erotic a device our brains are!

lol! Love this story! :)

That's a paragraph full of hotness, mainly because of how open and real you seem.

Been there...felt that. *grin* It's amazing just how many *meetings* are required with this type of co-worker. It's a must really IMHO...to ensure that your job is completed in the most comprehensive way possible. *laugh*

Wow, just the way you told this got me warm.

Perhaps you should leave a naughty little memento in your desk drawer for the next time? Haha.

:-).... I like the candidness with which you told this... No added spice... Just the real thing. Something everyone would've felt sometime in their life... Can truly identify with this one.... Though I'd mostly be the guy who is working at his desk while a colleague stands behind him bending over to look at the computer screen... her oh! so feminine perfume overwhelming my senses. Or when she stands awfully close to me for the team Pic. her body pressed against mine, Close enough to make me uncomfortable, to make me wonder if there's more to it than i dare to think of, Or when she walks in to my cubicle and hugs from behind saying Hi, as her cheek is pressed against mine. Or when she'd insist that I sit next her during meetings, and then spends the whole meeting with her head and upper body leaning towards me. She always asks me out on breaks and sometimes acts possesive. Always wants to be the first one to read my scripts, see my write ups and presentations and somehow manages to convince our manager to have me assist her with her own content. spends a lot of time at my desk and keeps glancing towards all the time. And she always smiles at me, Always. Once she even came and sat next to me with her head down on the desk. her hair had fallen all over her face while she drew deep breaths, I just couldn't resist the temptation to rearrange her hair with a slight caress of my hand. She just opened her eyes, looked at me, smiled and said thanks. Some times i wonder if she knows what goes through my head at times like these. Whether she does it just because she enjoys my discomfort or the awkwardness with which i handle it. She's married with a kid and has a loving husband, and is one of the most beautiful women i've ever known. I like her but do not want her. It isn't a love affair i imagine, I imagine nothing to be honest. But episodes such as these leave me with conflicts. They incite a strange excitement... Like that of a guessing game that never ends.

oh...wow! well, 30 minutes could be like forever...I would definitely wipe my eyebrow after such moment.

I can relate completely. The heart has a will of it's own.

And we have no control over who we fall in love with. It just happens.

Lmfao ThaT's hysterical! Does he realize the divorced alreaDy happened as well? ;-)

I'm just laughing at how quickly the hot love affair formed, and I thought it funny to think that something could happen that fast, it would probably end that fast too! Sorry... I'm just not expressing myself clearly, clearly! ;-)

It's nice when one can foster an appreciation for coworkers! :-)

I think we all do it.... to a degree!

This reminds me of an advert for diet coke when all the women in the office were watching a sexy work man.. lol.


Such a great, fun little post....thank you....I enjoyed that!

After reading this, I visited many female colleagues work stations on the pretence of wanting a stapler.

I now have a large collection of staplers :( ... Tomorrow, I shall use the paper clip ruse.

Primary objective ... `to get laid` ... Secondary objective ... becoming a stationary manager.

It does happen sometimes! LOL

The mind is a wonderful thing! Hehee

Nice! Love the honesty about having a good time.........

I think you should have found an excuse to make him do it again!

This is really funny, and written great with a concise (quick moving) plot.

Are they hiring where you work? Of course, I'm liable to induce nightmares...


oooooo ... workplace fantasies !! ..... love it !!!