Streptococcous Demon

Slithery infectious ************

Racing through my bloodstream

Attacking Assailing Assaulting

In it's relentless pursuit of destruction

Penicillin my sacred white knight

Charges through the brigade

White flag raised

Victorious at last.

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8 Responses Nov 22, 2012

Holy smokes! I missed this feisty piece of words in motion. Nicely done Girlfriend. I'm so glad your knight was able to save the day. *grin*

Love this !!!! .... well done !!

Sungirl, the language! Nonetheless, sound like you owe a debt of gratitude to Sir Alexander Fleming for discovering your "white knight".

Yep, it's a war within!

A very poisonous poem, crafted from a venomous emotion. Thank God, pennicilin was invented to stop and cure the infection from the Streptococcous Demon!


Hooray for the white night. Poetry in potion. :)

You were certainly battered for a few days there. Medicine can be such a wonderful thing, lol.

Love it Sungirl! Put that ************ in its place!