My Thoughts On The Royal Prank

I have read about the Royal Prank that turned into a tragedy.

To those not familiar, two radio DJs were able to trick a nurse into believing they were Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. This led to the divulging of some information about the then state of Duchess Catherine while recovering from an acute form of morning sickness. Alas, however, as the nurse they tricked took it personally and committed suicide after the Royal Prank was published all over the world. Now, the two DJs are being attacked and calls for resignation were made. Their employer however is not budging and is claiming that the DJs are victims themselves too.

Here’s my two cents on the issue.

Just a few weeks ago, no one ever mentioned about the possibility that the nurse will commit suicide. As a matter of fact, some people laughed along with the pranksters and blamed the lapse on the security system of the hospital the Duchess was in.

It is claimed that no one, not even the nurse’s superiors, reprimanded her over the incident. Nor did the royal couple file a complaint. But to anyone who is familiar with how The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are highly protective of their privacy, no one needs to tell the superiors that a major scolding must be made. It doesn’t need to be a verbal scolding. Action speaks louder than words, as people say. Moreover, after the criticisms on the hospital security, I would wager one of those people in charge would feel better if he placed the blame on the hapless nurse who got duped. There is no doubt in my mind that the nurse was seriously reprimanded at the very least. She was probably even bullied by her fellow nurses and that would have been expected.

Now, nurse Jacintha Saldanha is dead. And no amount of remorse will ever bring her back.

But let me pose a question. Is the backlash the DJs are experiencing right now fit to what they did? Did anyone expect someone would kill themselves over a prank call? The nurse’s name was withheld from the papers when the prank video was circulating all over the world. It was only when the suicide came to light when Ms. Saldanha’s name was published.

People accuse the DJs of bullying the nurse and driving her to the edge. They accuse the DJs of blood on their hands. I would like people to see what they are doing. Aren’t they themselves bullying the DJs?

One of the DJs is now close to a mental breakdown, as reported by some of her friends. They are very afraid that she will hurt herself. Both DJs are undergoing some counseling.

While I agree that some form of investigation and penalty should be made because of the loss of a life, I do not think people should be going to the net and making death threats to the DJs. What the DJs did was to perform a customary prank call, as all radio DJs have done one way or the other. The DJs had no idea that the call will work. Above all, the DJs did not expect someone to commit suicide over the prank. And let’s be honest. Neither did we.

This is a tragedy. A grave tragedy, indeed. But if people continue to hurl attacks against the DJs, I am afraid that the nurse’s life won’t be the only cost for the notorious royal prank. The fact alone that they know they were instrumental in the death of one person will keep them very distressed for a long time.

Right now, I am very disappointed on how the media is handling this tragedy. After milking the royal prank for all its worth, they should be the last person to paint the DJs as murderers.
mareliberum mareliberum
Dec 8, 2012