If Sexiness Is A Sin, Then Forgive Me :)

Yes, I am sexy regardless of being pregnant. I was sexy physically and mentally. I am still intellectually sexy and I will always be.

Sexiness of a person cannot be seen on the outer appearance.. It is on how you look at yourself. If you thinks and believes that you’re sexy, then everybody will think that way too. When I learned that I am pregnant, I worried about a lot of things including my figure because I used to pose on front of the camera. But days and months passed by, and I realized that sexiness is not all about sizes. It’s all about how you carry yourself. I worry about my figure the least, as I know I’m going to get it back once I recover from giving birth. And as I know that I am sexy the way I think and the way I am.

Most women are very conscious of their sizes but don’t even bother on how much love and kindness their heart’s can contain. I’m jot saying that we shouldn’t care about our appearance but I think we should first focus on improving our personality.. we shouldn’t be a beautiful container that has no substance. Because at the near end of our journey, beauty fades but a good heart stays..

I may have flaws as everyone do but I know I have a good heart that had been smashed countless times but still working and hoping for better things. I’m sexy and deep in my heart I know it.
makejessihapii makejessihapii
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012