Letting Go

“Be a soldier who knows when to fight and when to surrender.”- Anonymous

We should learn what to hold on and what to give up. We should be sure of such decisions we make. Once we let go, we have to accept that we are never going to get it back. Many of us let go easily without giving a try which lead us to regrets. We have to be certain that there’s no reason to hold on. We have to be persistent with our decisions. Once words are spoken and action had been done, we can never take back the pain it had caused to a certain person. Sometimes, we hold onto person we thought we need and let go of the one we thought we don’t need. We let ourselves to be carried with the temporary happiness or emotions the moment has to offer. We let ourselves to be drowned with the decisive happiness that we are too blind to see what really matters to us.

I fight for what I need and want until there’s no reason to hold on anymore. I fight for the last reason I have. If I had given up anything in my life, I would surely never regret it. Yes, I am a fighter by nature but I know when to let go. I let go of people who doesn’t want to stay in my life no matter how much they mean to me. But before letting them go, I try to convince them to stay. And if they don’t want to stay anymore, that would be the last move I’m going to do.

I’ve let go of somebody in the past or should I say he gave me up. He cheated on me despite of the goodness I’ve shown him and the love I gave him. I actually begged for him to stay but nothing happened. He left me for another girl. I’ve grief for quite time but I eventually put myself back together. I’ve gone through painful phases of life but I survived. Now, I am happy and contented with the life I have he’s coming back for me. He pleased me to forgive and accept him once more. I’ve forgiven him but accepting him would be too much especially that I don’t feel even a bit of excitement having to talk to him again. I felt nothing. Not even a single goose bump.

You should have acknowledge or known my worth in your life before you had done such things to me. And now that I am doing great without you, you want to get me back? I am sorry but I am not that stupid girl who used to love you. Just so you know, I am not going back to you. I am very happy with my life now that I don’t even want anything in the past.

Letting go is not as easy as we think. It might lead us to regret it forever. We realized it but it’s too late. Too late for somebody is already making her happy the way you were supposed to do before. you can repent but you can never take back the pain you’ve caused.
makejessihapii makejessihapii
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012