I've written this one on Oct 5, 2012

I don’t watch tv news very often. While having dinner, the television is running. It’s a local news program. As I am in the province now with my parents, I hear the news around the country. My dad watch news everyday. Major reason why I don’t watch news is that I don’t want to see stuff about politics/politician. It upsets and ****** me off. I don’t want to know things about politicians especially now that the election is coming.

This week is the filing of COC(Certificate of Candidacy). And guess what? Everybody is qualify to be a candidate to whichever position there is to be filled. There are senators who were action movie stars before they entered politics. They do good in movies. They are famous. They won the last election. There are also people who won because their family or parents are well-known, where in fact doesn’t know anything about what people needs and sentiments are and what the problems of the country really are. There is even a congressman who is a world class champion. Doesn’t even attend sessions in the senate because he’s busy with his trainings and fights. The mentioned people has money and really are famous. But are they effective for our country’s needs? Do you think they are the ones we need for the progress we had been dreaming for our dear fatherland? Do we need famous people to lead us who are not capable of giving the change we had been aiming?

The past years, fame had been the basis of voting our leaders. Yes, it is really true. Fame and money. They are the strongest factors that affect our choices. We vote for well-known people in the field of sports and movies just because we idolized them to their chosen careers. We vote for them just because their parents had been a good citizens of the country. We voted for their sweet talks and promises that they really never kept but we keep on supporting and voting them.

In seven month’s time, we will be filling up ballots. And we need to fill them up thoroughly and carefully. Don’t use fame and money as a basis in choosing whom you want to lead us. We have to be a keen observer. We have to at least do some researches about one and each of the candidates aiming position in the government. The key for change and progress is just within us. If we want that change and progress, we should vote wisely. Determine the people who we really need. The people who has sympathy for the country. The people who are genuinely concern about the poverty that’s getting worst each day. The people who really want to feed the hungry. The people who want to dress the naked. The people who want to educate the ignorant. The people who really want to help. Don’t let the words blind us. We should open our eyes. We should choose who really is deserving for the positions in the government.

It’s time for change. It’s time for progress. It’s time to open our eyes.
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Dec 14, 2012