Some Random Thoughts Of My Mind

some of my thoughts

We should not hate anybody even our own worst enemy, we can hate his bad qualities but we should not hate the person.

Dont try to impress people by wearing clothes of good brands, dont be that cheap, u should not need any brand to impress the people, you are your own brand so make ur internal self good. ( i like to wear unbranded clothes)

nothing is difficult, some things are easy and some things are less easy.

to make your future bright u must make ur present bright

to get success just face the right direction and then keep walking, sooner or later u will get success

u r never too old to start anything

best time to do anything is now

the best person in ur life is the person whom u r talking to now, so respect every person whom u talk to, u should treat him like the best person of the world.

dont say why somebody did not do that, u must realize that u r that somebody who should have done that.

see the bad qualities in u and good qualities in others.

God has chosen judgement day to judge people and punish them, then who are we to judge people so quickly and do wrong with them.

God has given all the resources of the world to u, its upto you that how much u take from this world, u cant have everything by sitting at home, just go outside and get what u want, like successful people who got what that wanted.

if u will wait somebody to do something first then u will have only those things which he left..
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truly said....... all are dhaasu:p

shukria, Shukria :)

all are good

thank u so much sir.

i found some very inspiring

really good to know that....

you can ask me any time, if you need help/advise for any of your good purposes

Surely i will ask, thanks for being so nice to me, i will ask for ur help whenver i need

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