Some Random Thoughts Of Mine...:)

                                     Warning:-Its lengthy.......:P
Thoughts are as follows:-

  • Beauty is not makeup,girls stop worrying  about your eyeliner,lipstick,mascara and etc,bcz the special one  don't take care  in these things,he will love u for ur heart.

  • Relationships(all type of) needs some time to be spent & a care to be shown.

  • Now people are every where crying,depressed bcz of problems.I think they  are responsible for problems,actually life is not  full of problems people make life problematic with their human behavior(way of thinking).

  • Education is very important  because education told u the rules of better life,precaution for worst life for explanations  u can read real life experiences  of many people  from books-------------I  know  why students  hate  studies  just bcz movies,internet,fun with friends  are more attractive than  sitting  in a room and  watching constantly 20cm sided square  book and  more hateable  if that book is not interest related(I can help u  how to over come with this problem).

  • Don't waste ur time on people  who even doesn't want u to be an issue in their life.

  • When u feel* your friends  needs some space before they told u to leave them alone leave them alone for sometime if they want u they can come to u.-------when u feel

  • Every consider himselfherself100%or 99.99999% sincere ----hahaha.

  • If u can't tell ur friend everything  then  what ever u share  with ur friend  that must be true.

  • Eat what ever u want but with justice.

  • Wear clothes in which u feel  comfortable don't need to follow fashion.

  • If  family members doesn't understand you  that doesn't mean u should go against to them---One day will come they understand u.

  • May be u r different from ur family members( I)

  • When it comes to sharing your personal just share it with ur best friend ,if u don't have best friend not to worry ji:P but don't share it with  everyone its safe for u.( i experienced)--------behind this one major reason' not everyone understand u'.

  • make ur best friend of the same  gender as of u,u feel satisfied-----I feel satisfied.

  • Love should not be limited to just a boy&girl,love is having a wide meaning-----true love,parent for his example of true love....Allah loves  his creature 70 times  than a mother's love and etc.

  • yes u cannot be every time  their with ur friend to help him but if a true friend came to know about ur problem, though he  would not have strength  to help u but he will surely help u  through praying to God.

  • Their  are many things  u wana do in ur life but parents didn't support u   that  doesn't mean u should go against to them---pray to God.

  • People who understands you,may be just  one or in no. you cannot say nobody understands  you bcz "u" understands you.

  • If someone is sharing hisher problems in detail, everytime this really doesn't mean they want sympathy------not everyone want sympathy.

  • A real fact everyone want to be get understood but  another real fact not everybody understands you-------but their would be someone.
  • Every one is having problems.i agreed  but i recently learn that  by discussing it ur problems cannot be solved  yes but with a little  bit fun  can  give u relief  for sometime .this  is one of the ans of my quesstion which (dhakkan gave me..:p)
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make ur best friend of the same gender as of u,u feel satisfied-----I feel satisfied. this statement is wrong . because mainly your better half is opposite your gender and your better half is your wife or your husbend. and in this time ... gender diffrnces doesnt soch kooo badlo warna akey do lagaoga lolz......... just kidding dawai ka asar horha hy ..pata nai jhooti khushi kiun hoti hey

yaaar frstly i am talking about before marriage.... after marriage to sub kilife chnge hojati hai......... then yes surely ur better half should be your best frnd.............. :)

idiot shadi sey phly bi best buddy koi bi hoskta hey koi restriction nai ziada tar lakia larkio ki back bitting krti hey buraiya krti hey dost hokey tu larki larki ziada lamby arsey tk dost nai rh skti smji dhklo tumki bachpan dosto mey sy kch hngi sth ya koi bi nai hoga sb kata key chaley gay hngy

idiot....!...control moona controooool:p...... haha ub meri baat suno shadi se pehle rare chances k lrka lrki best friend and then they would be life partner..its really rare.... or hnji fact hai kuch lrkiyoonko adt hoti hai back bitting ki....... lekinhr lrki esinahi hoti........or esanahi hai meri memorry tmari trah achi nahi hai jo bchpn k dost yaad hon... mera case or hai... and i was very young when we left our country...... so my case is dfrnt.....

han han tum tu mars sey ai hooo tumka tu case diffrnt hey same hi hey smji

nahi yaar jupiter se ayin hun........:p

tabi tu pagloooo ho lolz

pagloo.......:p......jub tuk tabiyut nahi theek hojati.....tub tuk control moona control....:p

lolz .... tbyt theek hojaygi par banda kahan theek hoga

hojaega........... my yaqeen..... :)

naaaaaaa ..nai hoga or batar hoga

jesa socho ge wesa hi hoga.......

tu bura hoga yani

acha socho na:)

arey nai ati achi soch ..zabrdsti hey kia ...

kash zbrdsti ho skti..:p

huh ...tum zabrdasti krti tu batata tumkooo

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Amazing!!..specially "Don't say NO body understand me,,at least U understand U =))
thanx 4 sharing

thnks u like it:)

simply wow, bohat achha likha or sahi likha h

thankyou...... thankyou......

welcome ji

"make ur best friend of the same gender as of u,u feel satisfied-----I feel satisfied." i want to comment of that, making best friend of same gender is good also because 98% of the times when your best friend is of opposite gender they fall in love with each other, its not impossible but its difficult for a boy and girl to remain best friends, i m not saying it, world has seen it, it happens most of the times even 98% of the times.

agreed agreed

and yes when they fall in love each other then they are not best frnds they are boyfriends and girlfriends and rare chances of b.f and g.f can be best friends.... rare as the remaining 2%.....lolz...:p
ye sari rare batein life mein km km kyun hoti hain....:p
sari achi achi batein hahaha km hi hotin hain:p

Awesomely awesome ones, enjoyed reading that, aur main buttering nahi kar raha, such main achay lagay thoughts :p dekho mere exams chal rhy hain aur main ye sab kia parh rha hoon :p shayed ab ep per nahi ana parhega :p

thankyou thankyou.................. or phir agye ho:P

nahi monday ko paper hai tou socha thora relax ho jaoon lol :p

hahaha:) hmm phir paharr torne haina na tumne:P

hahahaha haan kal poora din soya hua tha pelhe paper main pahar tor diye they is waja se aa kr hi so gya, ab monday ke liye pahar torne hain lol :p

best of luck:P....ache se hub mehnut kro...or dil lga k pahaaar k toro:p

thanks thanks :p haan circket match dekh kr mehnat kr rha hoon filhaal :p acha aa rha hai pak vs ind lol :p

hmm u dekhing.. me not.... bs getting updates of score........

yes me dekhing ball to ball, jeet jaye ALLAH karay

thora sa lug raha k kuch bhi ho skta hai.... wo bhi jeet sktein hain......... well se what happen.. dua hai k paki jeet jae..... ameen

yes so much ups and downs in the match

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