Disturbing Dreams And Thoughts

Wether it's being ripped apart violently by others or seeing a child crying blood from his eyes,I'm ALWAYS have disturbing thoughts and dreams. I've studied the brain and dreams and thoughts (here's my proof
The two main reasons you have odd dreams.1. Your prefrontal cortex (the organize part of your brain) shuts down and your emotions take over and most likely illustrate daily problems such as something that happened that same day/week/month.2.same as at the top of reason one your emotions take over but some dreams may remind/warn/or try and tell you something sometimes your emotions collect data from your memory and possibly "predict the future" or try and tell you to and not to do something. Ex.you will win the lottery if you use your birthday digits. Ex. You will sprain your ankle if you walk up the stairs at work tomorrow. they can also tell you something you forgot Ex.wedding ring on counter in bathroom from shower this morning. therefore even if your dreams make entirely no sense at all you should not hesitate to write them down. ) I just can't stop it,it's horrible and now I'm seeing it likes it's there in real life.
16-17, M
Jan 13, 2013