Grown Up Things I'm Avoiding And Dealing With

taxes: sought free tax advice today, it actually helped i can't wait to file to finally know how much i owe and stop imagining the worst 2012 was a recovery year for me, it didn't suck like 2011 but shoot!

son's grades: he's 11 and I'm trying to teach him to take care of this himself. i warned him that C's become D's and F's very quickly and it's better to deal with it now because it's difficult to recover. I suggested he make sure his teacher knows he cares and asks her advice. If it's his idea he'll be more likely to follow through than if I tell him what to do. I told him that he's a smart boy and I know he will figure it out and improve. 

He still didn't wear his coat to school. He will wear it when he's cold enough.

Ex basically disowned our oldest daughter last night. I cancelled our couples therapy there is absolutely no way I will resume a relationship with him when he keeps proving that he is a disturbed man. i was foolish for trying

I want to buy a house. I know the neighborhood and the house i want. i can afford it just need to get the down payment together. slowly but surely. If the house i want isn't available something else will come up. I have to do a few things first.

My check engine light is on, made an appointment for tomorrow and they arranged for loaner car. Thank God.

I noticed it was really cold in my house. the pilot light was off. It cost me $89 for the dude to come out and do it a couple months ago. He showed me how though and I did it. I didn't blow up and my house is warm. It is 22 degrees outside right now. Thank God.

I need to wash my hair

Gracie the dog is getting cabin fever. We both need a good long walk. That will have to wait until it's at least above freezing outside. 

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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

As long of occupation the same day ... a performance .. Have you thought to contact the Guinness book?

I would win the most incredibly boring fact of the year

Don't be sad, I'll send you an award ... :)

Was that all one day?!! (even one week... that would be plenty!)

That was all this morning. It was mostly just thoughts ... Many of them. It helped to write them out so I wasn't thinking of them all at the same time

I prayed for you this morning.

that's really really nice. thank you