So today at school I met my friend who has an instagram. On his instagram he posted a picture of him in a red room, or I think the setting was on red.. but whatever the picture was red. I then saw a comment that said "Red Room of Pain," if you guys would know it is referring to the book 50 Shades of Grey. I too also commented on that saying, "Ooh I know what you talking about."

So anyways, I was at school and I saw him. He said, "Ooh what kind of books do you read? Youre like 5." (I'm not 5 I'm 17)

Yeah, so I wondered the whole school time if reading 50 Shades of Grey at my age is considered bad? Hey, I mean at least I'm reading instead of doing drugs and that sort of thing.

Whatever. I like the book and I'm planning to buy the three set. I love reading.
thechibilord thechibilord 18-21, F Jan 15, 2013

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