I Don'T Think Anything Matters As Much As It Seems It Does

each one of our lives is comparatively short, just a little sparkle in the history of everything that is. :) we/i get so caught up in stuff. it's just the way we are and it's not wrong, but something that just happens. i am comforted to know it doesn't matter. my mom tells me there is no way to fail at existing. i like to believe that. it's very empowering. if i could truly put into practice this idea that nothing is that serious, i could really do some great things. i could release some old fears and live my nature. i will work on this. but again.. it doesnt matter.

another thought i have... do you sometimes also wonder... what if i died tomorrow? it has to be enough. my life would be enough. what if all i was MEANT to accomplish in the life was say... holding the door for an old lady one time? What if the whole purpose of me coming to earth was to spend a lot of time on the internet and learn various things? What if the culmination of my life was seeing the sunrise today? ... and all this time I have been trying to 'become' 'something'. you do it too. "When I buy this shirt I'll be __________". "When I live in this certain city I'll be _______". "When I finish college I'll be _________". "When I meet THE ONE I will finally be happy." Most of us aren't content just to be what we are when we are it. There is always "something more" to add to somehow make us more complete, but are we ever, once we get to that point? Personally I've noticed that once I attain something I just want something else to cling to. And it's all okay ;)

ugh. my thoughts aren't so very much so complete right now. it is time for bed. all the loves to you and yours

love, smiley
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