Help With Baby Mama Whos Is Borderline Bipolar Drama

I have a similar problem and I also need some help. I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year but we have known each other for 5 yrs. He has two daughters with two different women.Baby mam # 1 isn't much of a problem its baby mama # 2 that I cant stand. They seperated when she was 2 months pregnant after he found out that she cheated on him and admitted to not knowing if he or the other guy was the babys father( turns out that my boyfriend is the father). My boyfriend pays a lot of child support for his daughter who is only a year old. She lives off the government and also recieves child support for her other 3 children she has by 3 other men. Its a constant argument with baby mama #2 everytime it comes to picking up his daughter. Shes always asking for more money and when she doesnt get her way (which is all the time) she starts texting smack and threatening him. It really upsets me because my boyfriend is a good man and father. I dont like to get involved because I feel that its not my place to say anything but she then gets me involved in saying things about me when I have done nothing wrong. I know she doesnt like me but I think all this he said/ she said is a little childish considering the fact that we are all 27 years old well except her shes 30. And everytime we drop her off back with her mother then the texts start saying " ur daughter is crying for you" or your daughter is asking for you" " your a bad father for choosing your girlfriend over your daughter" which is not like that at all shes only a year old the baby doesnt know whas going on.. I MEAN COME ON!!!. She is always trying to make him feel bad or start an arguement .. but I think all she wants is to annoy us... by always getting in the way. What goes on in our relationship or what we do is none of her concern . My boyfriend only calls when he wants to see his daughter or how she is doing (which is once a week )and when he does this she always has something smart to say like " oh now you remember you have a daughter" .But shes constantly ringing off his phone And when he doesnt call she'll call and start with " btw your daughter is doing fine" or " dont worry you can shove your money up your *** , forget you have a daughter". I want to know what her deal is .. SERIOUSLY!!! All this is really starting to get to me and is causing problems between me and my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend and that little girl alot , but to be putting up baby mama # 2 is too much. PLEASE HELP ME ... WHAT SHOULD I DO???!!!!
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File for control over the child and take her out of the picture bet you can prove she cannot care as a child.

we opened up a case with child proctective services because his daughter is full of head lice they did nothing other than buy her two toddler beds for her kids,