My Top 5 For Today .....So Far LOL

Right so here are my top 5....

1. Does the hulk poop green? O.o
o come on.....this would be good to know....i dont know why LOL but it boggels the mind yes? and if he does.......what loo will hold such a huge toosh? *giggles*

2. who thought " know what life needs?...chocolate you can spread on bread..
i admit i have never eaten to scared LOL....brings back memories of toothpaste on toast when you didnt study for history lol

3.   do you go to reader person college? i have always wondered that....and does that work? and in the same read weather? cause some of these people are super bland....i think they actually scare any possible rain away *giggles*

4. how many people see today as filled with hearts and love and flowers...and who see's it as thursday i see it as thursday..and im not hey....happy day LOL

5. this one is prepare yourself O.o
how many hours can one person sleep without waking up once? well before its classified as coma.....or death LOL..

well......thats my top 5... i bet there will be a top 20 pretty soon :)

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*must know that answers!*

So (six degrees of seperation), if I know a guy who knows a guy, who knows someone who knows somebody else who knows a guy who knows Stan Lee. . .
Bear with me... ;)

Lmao......and.....O.o you know a guy who knows a guy who knows stan lee? wow what a cowinkidink...i know a guy whos know a guy who know yung lee.....he owns the fruit stall down the street :D


Six degrees of desperation.

Have a looksee:: :)

o wow......thats not good at all *giggles*....(this is me not grasping whats going on as i was to lazy to read most of the explanation....*giggles*)

Lol! The first half of the first sentence was all you needed really.
"Six degrees of separation is the idea that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world..."

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did you miss my twisted little mind as much as it missed you? *giggles*

of course i did. who else can think up of these random thoughts and make me think "I've always wondered that too!"

specially the hulk thing O.o *giggles*