Totally Random

Here is the most random thoughts about to happen, right now, right here, in this moment as I type.
"The pink bag holds a blue toy."
"I wonder if the blue truck that just drove by with the dark tinted windows has a naked person in it."
" The lady walking her dog across the street looks like her dog."
"I wonder if the two men walking down the street kiss."
" The purple monkey has a yellow banana in its lap."
" Is my cat gay?"
" I wonder what it would be like to have purple skis? "
" The purple panties would look extremely funny on the dog with the lady that looks like her dog, I wonder, does she, have purple panties on?"
" *** flavored dental dams."
"Get you finger out of you nose, yes you the one reading this."
" No she would not like the *** flavored dental dams."
" Dicks towing service just drove by, probably another accident on I5 involving a some random sex act or drunk drive or both combined."
"Red or Black bras are attractive"
"Pink elephants and purple monkeys eat at the sewer waste facility where they filter out all the drugs we through out. And they wonder why us humans are so screwed up"
"I am hungry now"
" The sun is setting, the clouds are pink, its not purple but it will work"
"Are you horny? I am!"
" The smell of your hair is mmmmmm nice"
" I want to ask you a personal question. Do you like purple people eaters in pink lingerie"
"Get your mind out of the gutter. Mine would like to float past."

Ok I will do more on another day. Being in my mind can be a bit scary.
ninjastreaker ninjastreaker
36-40, M
Feb 16, 2013