Thank the Author

i just fudgeing love this nifty little "thank the author" button...
i mean really.......firstly...."author" makes me feel like i have written novel upon novel (lol i actually said that all shakespearean...fudge knows if that was spelled im sure its pretty damn close)where was i? O.o

(side note...write story about possible a.d.d....*giggles* ability to focus is down the loo lately)

o yes.....then it does not tell you whom

so your all *oeeeeee i have a secret admirer and adorer of my work*
making you feel super special for half a second lol
so thanx to ep...and the ep team ...oe hold on....

*gets rusty yet still nice trophy from my first time on ep*
*holds trophy out to ep team*

"ahem" thanx ep for adding just another way to let me know just how awesome i am...*cough* ...i mean the ep users are....yes yes....that's what i meant *giggles*
MissBlackMagic MissBlackMagic
31-35, F
Feb 17, 2013