Darn It, Can'T Stop The Brain

Wow, here I am again, bored out of my gored. What to do, what to think? I know, don't think about anything in particular, just be random, right as the topic is. Please note that these thoughts are actual thoughts coming from my brain, coming to life from my finger tips the split second they happen.

"Wow, as I look out the window again that same blue ford pickup with the dark tinted windows just drove by. I still can't help but wonder if the driver is nude."
"What do you look like? Yes, you the one about to see what is in my head!"
"Are my green panties clean or durty?"
"I should go and clean up the trash in my green mossy yard! Maybe later!"
" I am not sure of this, but I think your phone is about to ring....... now!"
" Don't ask how I might have known that."
" Tell them Hi, for me" lol
" Are gold fish smart? Can they be taught to do tricks?"
" Knock, knock! I wonder who is at your front door!"
" It might be a guy dressed in a super hero costume with a singing telegram."
" I wonder what it would be like to be frozen for 50 years and then brought back to life."
"I have to poop" tic toc tic toc......... not so much a thought, but what a feeling.
" Then I wonder would you like to see me in a purple robe?"
" I think that the evil monkey in Family Guy is really a midget in a monkey suit that is on the crack that Chris hides in his shoe box!"
" I think that a redneck, backwoods cowboy should do the announcements at Walmart. We can call him Redneck Jeffery."
" Wonder what the chinchilla would look like in a pink doll dress."
" I wonder if your cat has seen you in your roommate's pink tights, while your roommate was out." (REALLY, I DON'T KNOW WHERE THESE THOUGHTS COME FROM.)
" I think that I might look good in leather pants, then again maybe not"
" X president Cliton looks like  he was hit by a frying pan.

I hope you enjoyed. later
ninjastreaker ninjastreaker
36-40, M
Feb 17, 2013