This Is The Question... this past week i decided....your not getting any younger *giggles* its time to try something new...

so i know you must be thinking....skydiving....base jumping...and you would be super wrong not getting younger but i also dont want to die lol
nope....i got myself eyelash extensions *bats eyes*....and im totally hooked!! these things *points at eyes*...stop traffic....okay okay...maybe it was 40% eye batting and 60% avoiding my death after i walked infront of the car lol....but still!

so it got me it okay to enhance thyself? (thyself.....say that quick and it sounds like thigh shelf lol.....thigh shelf: noun/ shelf that murderers use to store body parts...."Suzy's leg will look smashing on my thigh shelf" O.o...)

ah crap.....has somebody seen my point?i have seem to have lost it again...uhm......o calm point has been found..
is enhancing yourself excepted by society? i saw this pic on the was this dude..holding a sign..i think he wrote it in crayon lol...saying "girls dont need make up....they are naturally beautiful"..No

30% of woman on earth were born with that i look good when i wake up gene...30% needs the lippy and the liner....and 29% needs the foundation to...and the there is me ..the other do the whole thing....the hair color, the manicures and now when i bat my little eyes its like butterflies *giggles* here is my point....screw society...

if you are happy with how you look....if it be in crocs and a t-shirt or high heels and frills....then all respect to you....because happy = smiles...and a smile looks good on any my answer would be....screw society..look like and be who you would like to be...just be happy doing it!!
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2013

Couldn't agree more - self enhancement makes you feel better about yourself (image, attitude, etc.) so if that happens, then your confidence goes through the roof. With confidence in hand, you can conquer the world :)

I wholeheartedly agree! As a teenager, I found out that pretty much any makeup was going to break my skin out worse than it already did on its own, so I gave up on it. Now, I still require help on the few occasions that I do have to wear makeup, but my skin looks pretty awesome on its own. I have started using a little tinted moisturizer in the mornings, along with the lipstick. Makes everything look a little more even :).