I wish people were always happy. :(
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If we weren't sad sometimes we wouldn't be able to enjoy our happiness and we'd get bored of life

What type of?

dont we all

i think people need a bit of sadness so that they truly appreciate the good things in life that make them happy.

Same...too bad it's called imagination :(

haha that would just be creepy!

Better than people starting wars with each other

fair enough, peace would be an amazing thing! I wish people would just be kind all the time! It's okay to be sad sometimes. like at a funeral :) good to mourn!

Very true!

or if like there was a massive water slide collapse and all the kids had to leave the water slides early and not even get to get ice cream or anything. If they were all happy after that it would be weird.

Well yes! What I meant by the post was geared more towards people with constant negative thoughts or even depression, just to make their lives a bit easier

Right!?? and what if like all the dolphins suddenly died and started getting beached all over the world and everyone was walking around grinning like idiots saying stuff like, well at least they won't take over the world now, and you know I'm just glad all those fish they were going to eat are going to be okay.

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Yeah me too...tis a shame they arent..

That would be great, wouldn't? I can't even imagine such a world.

It is pretty hard to imagine it happening, but you can't help but hope

Very true. Thanks for sharing & once again reminding me there are still good people in the world.

Anytime! That made my day:)

What a great well wisher you are !!! Awesome may God keep you happy always :)

Thank you! And you as well!! :)

Happiness n smiles are also contagious you know !

Yes! Very very true