I guess I kinda like this guy... I've known him since kindergarten. But then I left in third grade. Now we sometimes talk. But never in person. I always liked him when we were little. And I think I still like him a little still. Even now. But I think he likes this other girl who's skinnier, blond, prettier, and everything I'll never be. I really mean it. I already was cut from the tryouts for volleyball at my school. But then again there were 40 other girls. I'm not trying to be one of those people who try to gain pity from others. Idk why I still try to keep in touch with him. I'm really feeling unmotivated and pessimistic today. So yea.
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Just be u don't change yourself cuz of him. Ur special the way u r. He'll like u cuz he thinks ur special and good enough to overcome other pretty girls!

I'm living that fate right now.