What do you believe your purpose in life is?
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Today I realized I'm no more significant as a tapeworm. And it's never going to change. So if you have a good life and wonderful connections don't take them for granted.

My purpose... I can rant all day about what my purpose is. Or at least what I believe to be is my purpose. Shall I?
My purpose in the world is to bring peace and prosperity, justice and retribution, to a world without such.

My purpose is to eradicate the system that has oppressed us and kept us in shackles for so long. My purpose is to bring true freedom to the people, a true democracy to the people, and the unalienable rights that they deserve to Life, Liberty, and Property.

But most of all my purpose is to be a better human being and to help those whom wish to better themselves as human beings. Because in the end of the day everything I fight for everything I believe is not for me, not for my present, but for the future, not just my own, but my family's, my friends' and the strangers I've never met. I do it for everyone, I do it for the species, to quite simply put it.

That's my purpose to help the human race reach its true potential, to help the human race advance in all aspects, whether it be the way of life to the political realm that reigns over them.

That's my purpose....

to be smart and knowledgeble
Learn as much I can about anything
For me anyway

Writing. I write every day all day

Hmm idk. Lots of ppl say that I have luck with my prayers. That I opens ppls eyes to see the good in a bad situation. Just stuff like that

That's amazing!