Soooooo last year I got fired from a job bcuz I didn't want to work on my birthday. Yesterday they called and asked me to come back. El oh el

The only thing going through my mind is: these c*nts!! But no seriously I know that they really need the help & I'm good at training new comers but I can't help but feel unappreciated for what they did. My current manager & I have such a good relationship too so I don't want to cut my hours to accommodate this new job. Especially since they probably won't be willing to be flexible with me.

That's their business. I'm not going back
VousEtesBelleCM VousEtesBelleCM
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Who knows with them asking you to come back they may be slightly more accommodating and flexible. Could always ask and see before you give them a definite "no".

Yeah I'll try to work something out with them.