today is my last day at my cousin's house and im finally going home. im sick of being in this hellhole. my great-aunt been so rude to me the entire time i was here. i cant even breathe without her in my face telling me how pathetic i am and that i aint ****. she even made harsh jokes about me saying im so skinny i belong in africa and that i look like a hungry crackhead. those words stings and i did my best to just laugh along to keep from crying. all i do is laugh to keep from crying because if i show that im hurt, she will make it worse and say more cruel things. so i been uncomfortable and miserable. i honestly dont know how to speak up and say how i feel because im thinking what if it doesnt sound right. i didnt even bother to tell my sister cuz she didnt
ven want to come get me last time. im sure she doesnt want me now. sometimes u have to laugh to keep from crying.
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Awwww *virtual hug*

Chin up little bro...words can't cut you. No one can take away your internal peace and serenity unless you allow them to. You are in total control of how people, places, and things affect your well being. "Choose" not to allow her to take another moment of your time. There is something that is within her, that envies that which is within you. Wear that as a badge of honor. This is not about you, it is about her and her misery with her own self. You are not her first victim, and will not be her last. Arm yourself by imagining her eating a steak, drinking a glass of wine, and smiling every single time you feel the above. Ever seen someone you want to hit so bad and put their nose behind their head, smile at you? It is like having hot boiling water thrown in your face. "Smile" baby!