The pounding rhythm of the thunder urges me to dance--with abandonment.
The intoxicating perfume of rain is aphrodisiac in nature: petrichor, Gary Paul Nabhan and his seminal book, "The Desert Smells Like Rain".
High Mountain hideaways, lowland oasis: mesquite beans and the flour to be found therein, gourds, melons, and the legumes left to us by the Ancients.
Turtle drums, cedar flutes, willow whistles. horned toads, credit cards, heavenly bills, hummingbirds, mourning doves, and coffee ice cream.
Rowdy friends, the resident cactus wrens, dancing to Grandfather Thunder, spiders spinning intricate webs, ensorcell, enchant. despite the repulsion. Egg sacs guarded with warrior intent. And, I dance, with abandon~~~

BlueTortoise BlueTortoise
66-70, F
Aug 16, 2014