I'm proud to say that one of my biggest fears are... Clowns. I can't imagine being locked in a room with a clown- how scary would that be. :)
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clowns are traditionally creepy. I bet if they did a study ( and they probably have) they would find that most people have had at least one bad dream involving clowns, or one really bad experience with a clown in real life by the time they are 20. I don';t even trust Ronald McDonald......always staring at me when I go in to get a burger....creepy.

lol! I wouldn't be at all surprised if his primary mode of transportation was a white van with mirrors on the ceiling and a big stack of happy meals on the front seat. :P

I know......it borders on bad taste and good humor,but leans way over on the side of bad taste. Believe me when I say that there is NOTHING funny about child molestation,and I don't mean to make light of something so serious,but these are images that do come to mind when I think of Rooten Ronnie,and in a perverse way I guess I do find it funny. I'm glad you did too. Now I don't feel so lonely.......and bad. lol

That was meant to be Rotten Ronnie by the way,not his cowboy sidekick Rooten Ronnie.....the rootenest tootenest cowboy in the west. :D

I'm terrified of the dark...when it's in a building. Otherwise I'm like whatever.