Hey guys, stop sending pics of your junk on here. I'm really sick of seeing it. Like, what do you hope to accomplish here? I'm not going to jump on a plane or get in a car to come to you haha, I'm just going to block you. And p.s....unless a lady asks you for a pic of it she is probably not interested.
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Omg girl... I know what you're saying. I get a "hello" then if I don't answer in a timely fashion.... BAM! Right in the face. And then you get the "well...what are you goin to show me now?" I'd like to take that **** and smack them in the face... then again they might like it! Ya can't win..

I'd take it as a compliment if you could slap me in the face with my own equipment! ;) lol

Is that..with or without you attached? :)

I withdraw my previous statement!

A car or a plane are out of question. What about a bus or train? :P

I know what you mean!

Seriously? Guys do that? I mean, I was cleaning out my garage the other day,and there was tons of junk. I jokingly said,hey! I should take a pic of this junk,and post it on ep....but I would never actually do it. I mean,what's the point really? Nobody wants to see my junk. I don't even wanna look at it anymore.....that's why I got rid of it.

Not that kind of junk lol.

Oh? There's other kinds of junk? Like what? Attic junk? Basement junk? Oh!!! Waht about the junk I got in my drawers? Do guys sometimes send you pictures of the junk in their drawers?

I think you know what I meant. Trying to be nice since there are so many kids on this site.

That is nice,and yes....I knew what you meant. I think you knew that I knew what you meant all along,didn't you? No worries though,I will not be sending pictures of my closet,dresser or car trunk. I just couldn't resist having a bit of fun. I hope I didn't cause too much inconvenience. :D

Haha no, I got a laugh out of it. And yes, to answer your previous question...too many photos of junk in the drawers hahaha

I get that some guys are extraperverts...eh hem...extraverts? Well,you know what I mean,but seriously gentlemen....wait for an invitation before you go bringin' your junk over to someone elses space. Can I get a hell yeah? :D

HELL yeah lol. And yes, that's all I'm asking for haha...these were completely unsolicited!

I'm pretty sure the unsolicited outnumber the solicited by quite a large margin.lol!

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thats bad that it.... perv guys... pls stop this nonsense..

lol I would never think that would happen, WTF?

I've had about 5 people send me these pics in the last few days. And it gets old, really fast. Lol.

their are some d people on this site !! :( lol but they do sometimes make I am lucky I do not know them. and you have to hope they do not bred lol :)