If you're living at home, may I suggest that you always keep your room super clean and tidy, and try to keep anything you want kept secret in a location away from your home? ._.
My mother "cleaned" my room yesterday even though it clearly didn't need to be cleaned. -_- She went through all of my stuff and has now decided that I need to get rid of a bunch of things. Thankfully I got rid of my journal and most of my other secret things a few months ago. I don't see why she wants me to get rid of some of my stuff. I keep my stuff reasonably organized in boxes in my closet and it doesn't affect her. That stuff has sentimental value. She just sees it as clutter. >.>
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You could always just put "Sex toys" on every box so they're less inclined to look through your things. Then you get back at them for being nosey by keeping your sex toys in an unmarked tote bag...