Do men like being romanced or pursued with sweet gestures and whatnot like women?
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oh yes .

Men like to be told when someone is pusuing them, we are horrible at picking up on subtle hints.

I know I DO! I surely cannot speak for other men though.

Depends on the man.

We like it, but don't require it.


Yes We Do! Wish more knew how, So many think it is what the men should do.

Yes but for men it's a different way. Same plan just different way to go about it. With men you can't plan on being romantic with women you bring flowered you think ahead in time to see how you could do something nice for her. For men you just do it on the spot. Maybe saying hey let's go to your favorite fast food and watch movies. Oh you had a rough day at work let me blow you lol things like that. If you go about it the same way you would do for a women your gonna end up with a guy who no longer wants to be with you because you make him feel like a women or a friend as in friendzoned.

Does it make sense though? Lol I'm not sure you get my point I'm not necessarily pulling this out my butt I'm being honest sincere good hearted...

Yes there you go I'm glad I was able to ease your mind hope it helped you out if it doesn't at least it made you laugh

It depends on the guy. I think anything you do to show a guy that you care is much appreciated

You just need to find the right guy. I love the random sweet gesture from my woman

We have to give life and others a chance! I always say that keep your mind AND your heart open, life is too short not to!
But, maybe you ARE surrounded by ********, lol.

You sound like a sweet lady! I like your style.

Anytime sweetie!

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everyone wants to feel loved and that they are the world to someone. so yes we do. then there are some of us that like to also do that for our partners also. I think you will be surprised on how many men are very romantic.

I would.

I love it personally we like to feel special and told we are beautiful too

yes we do it gives me a nice satisfaction knowing the woman knows what she wants and will pursue it. shows confidence in themselves

no, men are really simple, we women are far more complicated and think over everything..

Depends on the guy, but usually many guys appreciate a nice gesture every now and then so they feel appreciated. Many just won't admit it, though

I think both women n men like to know if their partner thinks of them when they`re not around

Yes we do

sometimes, it would depend on the situation.