Do people really hate themselves enough to create an alter persona in the web? Do you really have to be this fake person? Try being the "real" you for a change.
thesilentchef thesilentchef
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Not me - I am who I am, and I'll be who I'll be. Love thyself

Yes, it's because they can not face who they really are, need an escape mechanism. It is intensified by the attention they get that. That causes it to consume their lives. They like who they are online better than person they really are.

Trolls stem from being bullied, unloved, or identity confusion. People who act what they are not for sexual gratification or compliments. Do not get enough attention. Then you have those who live in a lie by painting a false reality. These are immature persons, or people unhappy with their lives.

That's been my sociological observations anyway


U r right. U opened my eyes.