Wouldn't it be awesome if in the English language, words were spelt how they sound?

For example, rather than spelling it as 'have' you would spell it as 'hav'. Or another example, if you spelt 'orange' as 'orinj'
ConcealedWildheart ConcealedWildheart
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Iye dissagree. Iye finc vat wood be a veree bad iydiah.

'Fink' haha, nobody says 'fink'
The way it's currently spelt is fine xP


Bravo! You have mastered the language of jibberish though ;P

Fank yu veree much! Iye apreeseeayt it!

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So... basically don't spell it correctly just so it looks like how it sounds..? While that would make it easier I think for non-native english speakers to pick up the language, it (at least in my opinion) would make our language look a little redundant.

Ah. You see, I didn't think out of the box for this. Thank you for pointing that (the second part) out :)