Anyone here ever been to military family day? What about graduation? I'm trying to put together an outfit for my bf's own, it's in North Carolina so you know what the weather is going to be like.

Please don't tell me what website to go to. I need links & pictures! P.s NO MINI SKIRTS. I'm considering wearing a romper or a dress,preferably a skater dress. Please guys I need encouragement here.

Give y'all something to do instead of complaining about how helpless & broken hearted you are all the damn time :)
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Lol... It depends on the type of event it is. I went to my bf's ALS graduation in March and it was a sit-down dinner. I was freaking out for months trying to figure out what to wear. He was very specific and asked me to be classy and conservative. I'm a teacher, so that's how I usually dress. I wore a long sleeve, knee length, black, bodycon/bandage dress. We were at a table with all the higher ups and they all complimented me. The next day, they all told him that he's a luck man... Lol.
That being said, keep it below the knee and not too tight. Cover shoulders. Give me your email and I can send you some recommendations.

I emailed you :-)

Ok thanks thanks thanks

Anytime hun. Hope it's helpful.

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