Am I the only person who likes clingy friends/girlfriends?
akaShaun akaShaun
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Nope :)

Well? It's cute. Until he starts invading your privacy as personal space badly

****. She**

Lmao I was confused

Ya, that wasn't fun

It's alright bro, you can't control what you like.

Lmao **** off

I know this is random but check this out

Car Radio - Twenty one pilots. Listen to it and tell me hat you think

That's actually a really good song. Relatable too :)

Ya good rhymes

Idk if I like or dislike his voice tho lmao.. It's strange

At first t was weird, it that lil bit of Eminem in it though

Younger and creepy Eminem.. Like a calmer slim shady

Ya, till he start constipating at the end with all screaming

Lmao.. Mask must be too tight

Pfft ya

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Oh ._. It depends . I hate clinginess, but I like when people actually care. Idk . That probably didn't even make sense lol

No. It has it's ups and downs.

I don't think you are but clingy people are the worst to deal with. I had a clingy friend who gave me hell.

To you.
Doesn't mean we all hate dealing with them :)

Would you handle someone texting you when you're asleep because they want to know what you're doing, following you around 24/7 everywhere you go (including the bathroom) and being angry at anyone who talks to you and ruining your friendships with other people? That's what she did.

Well no, of course not.