This is so random but here we go... I'm doing to do some back to school online shopping since I can't sleep. Sooo black or grey backpack???
jeyy90 jeyy90
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Heater grey trust me darling. Black is too simple. Heather grey fitting yet has character.

You've got a point! Too bad I already ordered black (by popular vote) which I regret now lol

If only I entered your life earlier. If u r rlly determined u can cancel the order or call to change it

Haha if only! Oh well. Knowing myself, I would get the grey bag dirty in no time lol. It's ok, I'll just leave it. Thanks though :)

No problem that's what ep is for

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Bright colors!

But bright colors are hard to match with things. And they look odd during the colder seasons :/

My god, way too much effort.

What do u mean? Lol

Never mind.
I'm sure being dull will give you a very dull life.
Enjoy your blandness!

Nah you can keep the dullness my friend! Even your name n profile pic make me depressed lmao. Funny how I can toy with you and you're so clueless Lolol. You crack me up ;)

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