Let's have a friendly community in here. Let's not bash anybody for their beliefs, race,clothing and personality either. Lets not make up rumors that are not true about anybody. Lets all love in here. Let's not allow hate to take over and start bashing each other then reporting it. We should support one another like it says below the the title top under I Have Random Thoughts here. I want to make friends here not enemies. See ya. Be safe.
amazingandbeautifulgodseyes amazingandbeautifulgodseyes
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that's all i'm here for to make friends i don't knock anybody.

Why are people here for different reasons

i've no idea

Why is there so much hate in this world?

probably down to greed, jealousy fear and the not knowing

Why be like that?

I don't know , Do you love everybody?

Yes why?

just asking.

Do you know I stopped the gossiping for a little while what do you think?

that's very good

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"What a wonderful world it would be" :D

Do you want to be my friend

The question is more likely, do you want to be mine? I make no secret of the fact that I'm not everyone's taste. I do like to flirt ,but I'm happily married most days. I mostly enjoy a good laugh,so long as it's not at anyone's esxpense,unless anyone happens to be a child molester or something,and then they deseve whatever they get. I don't judge,nor do I wish to be on trial. I am not committed to any one person on ep.Like I said,I am married,and that's as committed as I get. Still interested,hop on the bus and lets go crazy. lol

Why so hateful?

lol! Hateful? How? Why? I have had some issues with some people taking me too seriously,or else not taking me seriously enough...depending on who you talk to.lol I just like to clear the air right from the start,so there's no surprises.....well,there's still lots of surprises,but they're all good I hope.lol! I'm not hateful at all,just cautious,and that's for your bennefit as well. I don't want you to be offended if I one day show up at your door with wine and roses looking to play video games and sleep on your sofa...you know what I'm sayin? :D

Why are people like that?

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Feel free to add me on here.