i hate horny guys who think theY CAN JUST ******* SEND YOU **** PICS OUT OF NOWHERE LIKE IT'S A HELLO
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This Idiot Jalon is a BOT. There are many other posts with the same exact answer. This BOT works with another one called paniclover. And paniclover is in your post as well.

I have to say you people have better things do the just bash Christians here. You mocked me for saying when Christians turn away from Christ they act like Atheists. Then you bash Christian Atheism. Christian Atheism is Christian that loves God by denies Christianity. Then you say I bash gays. Get a life. Stop bashing people. You are so evil in here.

what are you talking about?????


I just joined and i already have one in my inbox. Whut...

There should be a way to block that sweetie