Ever have that annoying gnat flying right by your eye? Then you swat at it to make it leave you alone and people near you think your crazy.
GreenAppleMartini GreenAppleMartini
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2014


HaHaHa...yep! We have fruit flies in our house coming in from the banans (I guess) that we buy...or mosquitoes-really small ones that are just as bloodthirsty as their bigger cousins...and yeah, actual gnats too. I need to mooovE!!!

Lol. You don't need to move, I am sure there is a bunch of stuff online on how to get rid of those little pest. My house has them too from time to time.

Hahaha...noo...that's not the only reason, because I would still be subjected to some of the same types of pests where I would move. Lol...it's just yet another reason to support my discontent for where I am! *smile*...that's a good one...I think you're having one too many of those 'Green Apple Martini's'...besides, it's 'what we, in the business call,'CRUNCH TIME'...lol.