Not so random thought here:

I reflect of something my manager told us two weeks ago at a meeting he called because there was tension between the co-workers. Before saying this, one of my co-workers was talking about her problem with some other co-workers but she referred to them as "these hatians", as if being Hatian was the reason why they behaved the way that they did.

He said," When I started working here I used to wash the dishes and fry the chicken just like anyone else.....and I was the ONLY black African here, everyone else was Pakistani. Now I am the General Manager and I decided to create a multi-ethnic, multi-racial workplace, and the way you guys have divided amongst yourselves is disgusting....."

It broke my heart.
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I have to say you people have better things do the just bash Christians here. You mocked me for saying when Christians turn away from Christ they act like Atheists. Then you bash Christian Atheism. Christian Atheism is Christian that loves God by denies Christianity. Then you say I bash gays. Get a life. Stop bashing people. You are so evil in here.