I would love to see people reaction if I wear my shirt as pants and a short as a shirt and walk around my building... Mmm... Should I do it?
danjgust danjgust
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I have to say you people have better things do the just bash Christians here. You mocked me for saying when Christians turn away from Christ they act like Atheists. Then you bash Christian Atheism. Christian Atheism is Christian that loves God by denies Christianity. Then you say I bash gays. Get a life. Stop bashing people. You are so evil in here.

??... It has nothing to do with religion dude. Be more respectful about other people's thought, please.

Oh god everybody look out.. We got a preacher over hear! *Alabama voice* hail gawd!!!!!! Hail de lard almahteh gawd!!!!!!! Like come on here jalon. Get a ******* life. He just wants to do it to see the reactions he gets.

Pics or it didn't happen.