Cyberbullying is the use of information technology to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.[1] According to U.S. Legal Definitions, Cyber-bullying could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds; or it may go to the extent of personally identifying victims and publishing materials severely defaming and humiliating them.[2]

With the increase in use of these technologies, cyberbullying has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers.[3] Awareness has also risen, due in part to high-profile cases like the suicide of Tyler Clementi.[4]
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Operative word severely.

When one can hide behind a screen and assume a different identity that is when we have to worry. Personally I am almost the same here as I am in real life. I find I'm a lil more bolder. As for respect I hold the same rule I do in real life. Do unto other's as they would do unto you. Or most of the time I just ignore them and if they proceed there is always the block button. I really wish there was one of these in our actual lives. Good post olipha.