So I am at dominos pizza store and a customer came in to pick up his order. So the cashier took his credit card and pay for the order. The customer wanted his recipient but the printing machine wasn't working since yesterday night. So the cashier told the customer about this..still he didn't understand. So the manager came and try to explain the customer why the machine didn't work and it happened last night. The customer got angry. Then heeds the store screaming "BULLSHIT BULLSHIT" I was like dude the printing machine stopped working last night, what you want the manager to do?? I hate when people act like kids
Storyguy007 Storyguy007
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Story of my life!!!!

Yet another reason I'm gonna have a hard time finding a job that is bearable. I can't handle people that act like idiots. it's bad enough when it's people you know in the workplace.

I get people like this at work!