I get a lot of compliments here, but in live I'm rarely complimented. Am I more like able online? Or do people really not say nice things to each other's face anymore?
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4 Responses Aug 20, 2014

yes I wonder that too

I think everybody is so scared of sexual harassment charges they are afraid to say a lot of things

In all honesty people are losing the ability to have manners and have common courtesy! You can't expect anything from people anymore because they are scared if they go out of their way to compliment someone nothing good will come out of it! Also I will note that in this generation of selfies and self image, people might be too insecure to compliment anyone because they are so focused on themselves!

Why thank you so much! :) I guess the best thing we can do is compliment others and hope they pass along a compliment to someone else! So where are you from?

Oh that is cool I am from Texas!

I think it's cuz ppl feel less awkward being upfront with someone and guys on here just say nice things to get something for you.

Tbh I've never gotten to the point of knowing what they want I get creeped out and never reply