my best friend,messaged me from her hotel room,in egypt,were she is on vacation with her family. terrified and just scared. telling me how some pig. grabbed her,groped her,and tried to force her to drink booze,and eat,shoving them down her face. idk how,but she got away from them. i immediately told her,to tell her mother,so she can tell the staff,to handle this problem,immediately.

i am just. beyond words right now. i am. infuriated. and pissed off. to say the very very very,least.

i hate this world. i dont understand how men like this can go around,calling themselves,men. thinking they own everything and everyone,in their ******* eye sight,just because of what hangs between their legs.

i ******* hate you. pig. i ******* cant stand this. why do women,our daughters,our lovers.our family. why. do they have to put up with this? why? will someone ******* answer me??

its. beyond words. i . i wish i could do something. in all honestly. what i wouldn't give to make this. putrid,disgusting,walking abortion,of mankind. useless to a woman.

i am a man myself. and. i honestly can say. that i am ashamed of men,who act this way. who think its right. who think they can get away with anything.

I reject this ******' race
I despise this ******' place.
im waiting till the day the whole world ******* dies.

i swear.
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Nobody deserves to be treated like **** and be thankful that you still have the humanity in you to not only identify that but to be passionate about it. What its more disgusting is that people can read about incidents like this and NOT be passionate and vehement about the disgusting evil of these individuals. It is wrong and disgusting for anyone to take pleasure in hurting another living creature just for the sake of being stronger and a rush of power. It makes me sick. Power is such a corrosive and corrupting force very few can handle even a bit of it. thank you for sharing your feelings and speaking out. It means a lot

All men need to read this out.

**** you,if your excuse is that,its a cultural thing. it is not a cultural thing,to harass,grope,and or treat women or anyone like ****!

and fyi..they were russian.