So I had an argument with my uncle after he heard that I've told my aunt that I've read a job description from Verizon. The job as a part time sales rep and one of the requirements is 2 year college degree which is for me is not okay. He was like "well that is the reality you see the college is mandatory". Me: "you think it's okay that Verizon requires a ******* college degree to sale a ******* smartphone with a plan to a person? Is not that hard" then we took off. Later he told me that "if you want a house and car you need education" I was trying to get my point across but I couldn't because I was so fustrated and nervous that he would cut me off in the conversation. Then he tells that I talk like that as an excuse to not study. Then I was trying to tell him about the economy that I'm living in and this country as a whole. I was trying to tell him that my generation is no longer witnessing that good old story "if you have a college degree, you have the good life" when in reality that vast majority of guys who graduated for college since 2008 or last year are unemployed and with debt. Also students have this at fault too, the majority of them major in stupid **** like "women studies", "sociology", "criminology", "philosophy" degrees that aren't in demand. People who major in STEM degree they have hope but is not also a safe house. Also for my uncle 100,000$ in student debt isn't nothing to him. I said "You lost your mind" me 100,000 or 200,000 in debt from college NO THANK YOU!!' When I get out from community college in majored in IT I'm staying there!!!!! That's what I was trying to tell my uncle that my generation is not experiencing the results as he did. How many college grad with good grades and honors with their name with no job or at McDonalds??? Do a google search on that and she article and articles about unemployed. I DONT WANT TO BE A PART OF THAT! Also if we examine closer to this country, this country needs more labor jobs than ever. Yet our school system and society despise these jobs such as: plumber, carpenter, mechanic, A/C repair, construction, truck driver, warehouse distribution, fork lifters, and all other jobs that require labor...but no everyone worships corporate America, that beautiful office job and CEO. Sadly bit everyone can be that. No everyone can be a surgeon, CEO, accountant exec, dentist, engineer, and software engineer. They pay good yes and college is worth it, but not everyone has those goals. But we as a culture, see these labor jobs as inferior. IT MAKES ME SICK!!! They make you believe that with out a college degree you are a failure.....guest what you are a failure if you: watch **** all day, do drugs, welfare, go to jail every 5 months, and not a smart financial plan. But if you don't do non of that and have a regular job, no debt and have or still planning out, you not a failure... That what I was trying to tell my uncle but I couldn't...oh well
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Well I've also read that earning your degree significantly increases your chances but with this damn economy you aren't spared or safe from anything. Does he not know that only .01% of Americans are considered "rich". At the same time, it's better to not be lazy, if you're not looking for a degree then you should at least be doing SOMETHING (not saying that you aren't just speaking in general). Idk why Verizon has that philosophy though, it's weird. I mean I can major in something like biology and end up in sales? Lol weird

I took online course for about 2 years. It's just online junk, but still college credits. I felt like I was bs'ing my way thru the entire thing. Now, I have 20k in debt and I never even finished. You're right to just skip it; a degree is nearly worthless nowadays. Sorry you couldn't say what you wanted :(