What you hide in your heart is read in your eyes....
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That could be true.


actions speak louder than words

Each heart has some pain only the way of expression is different....
Some hide it in their eyes, while some hide it in their smile....

That's why actions speaks louder than words.

But not nearly as often.

Well then that depends on the individual then doesn't it. Some are stronger than others.

Sorry, that was meant as a joke. I was quoting Mark Twain.

Oh yeah totally. I love someone but don't have the heart to tell them so I just express it through my eyes... Ugh!!! Hate the waiting game ;)

That person better not wait to long


I'm counting on it 😄

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Then a one eyed man is half read.

Then you are half minded 😆

But minded enough to make you desire a cyclops.

If a cyclops floats your boat then by all means